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Surface properties hung-plugged



Single screen video (4 min. 52 sec.) – ipad, batten of wood, fishing wire.

Artists: Augusta Atla (DK ), Thorbjørn Bechmann (DK), Julie Bitsch (DK), Rachel Cattle (UK), Ditte Gantriis (DK), Anne Haaning (DK/UK), Stine Ljungdalh (DK), Renata Kudlacek (G), Hélène Martin (UK), Astrid Myntekær (DK), Noriko Okaku (UK), Cristina Pedreira (UK), Vanda Playford (UK), Wendy Plovmand (DK), Steve Richards (UK), Jan S Hansen (DK ), Matthew Stone (UK) and Maria Wæhrens (DK)

Surface Properties Hung-Plugged was part of the international group show GamingGaming in New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen. With this show, the curators Stine Ljungdalh and Wendy Plovmand provided an opportunity for investigation and exchange within the creative process, specifically in relation to the idea of “Game of Chance”. Each participating artist submitted a work which was randomly circulated to another artist in the show for him/her to re-interpret.


Excerpt of video

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