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Made of Crater is



Mixed media installation, print on silk, slide projector, hole in wall. Dimensions: 300 x 700 x 300 cm.

Made of Crater Is was part of the international group show Wilderness in New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen.


Artists: Sidsel Christensen, Lucy Clout, Jesse Darling & Takeshi Shiomitsu, Noémie Goudal, Anne Haaning, Nicolai Howalt, Jesper Just, Absalon Kirkeby, Tove Kommedal, Kristin Luke, Dorine van Meel, Eoghan Ryan, Søren Thilo Funder, Wendy Plovmand, Ebbe Stub Wittrup. Curated by Anne Haaning and Wendy Plovmand.

Sourced from an online user archive of 3D models made with smart phones, the protagonist of Made of Crater Is, a seemingly disturbed male who was meant to be separated from his greenscreen back drop, is reassembled in the tactile world he was meant to represent – only now he’s an extension of the fabric that once granted him infinite edit-ability in the digital.


The installation is made up of a 10 meter-long silk print made from CG texture maps which have been cut out and stitched to reassemble the model as a fabric holster. A skin that got left behind much like the skin of the snake that Warburg describes in his Lecture on Serpent Ritual:


“The snake shows also, by sloughing its skin, how the body slips out of its husk, begins again and goes on. The snake can glide into the earth and reappear. The return from the earth where the dead are lying, together with this faculty of renewing its skin, makes the snake the most natural symbol of immortality, or revival from sickness and the agonies of death.”


The silk spills through a whole in the wall. Behind it the fabric forms a sculptural rag that also serves as a projection screen for CG generated stills of the male protagonist visualised as a landscape from within.

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