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Khiosan medicine


Single screen video (12 min. 20 sec.) – projection 8:3,  headphones.


Anne Haaning was one of the selected artists for the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards: 'What Will They See of Me?' 2014. She was commissioned to produce KhoiSan Medicine which was shown in the Jerwood Space, London and the CCA, Glasgow alongside Lucy Clout, Kate Cooper and Marianna Simnett.


The work was subsequently shortlisted for Selected IV, videoclub and Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network. It has been screened in among other venues: Art Science Museum, Singapore, Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle, CCA, Glasgow, Fabrica, Brighton, FACT, Liverpool, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

KhoiSan Medicine is an exploration of contemporary myth through the unlikely pairing of special effects youtube tutorials and anthropological studies of the KhoiSan – the aboriginal people of Southern Africa. Using fragmentary sound-bites and particle based animation it connects digital production and circulation with ancient beliefs about the spiritual nature of the universe.


Here disintegration and physical entropy reigns aided by the resilience and adaptability of technology. It seeks to emphasise the instability of matter and identity in a digital context, and provocatively questions whether this immaterial anarchism might also offer us liberation from the very laws of physics.



Excerpt of video


Gemma Brockis



Lille Bent

Stinker the cat


Executive Producer:

Steven Bode

Film and Video Umbrella

Director of Photography:

Susanne Dietz

Production Assistants:

Lucy Ashton

Britt Hatzius

Dorine van Meel

Sarah Pager

Gro Sarauw

Kum Sung CHOI


Anne Haaning



Isambard Khroustaliov


Special Thanks:

University of East London

Neil Bennun

Maia Conran, University of East London

Steven Eastwood, University of East London

Chris Low


Commissioned for the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards: 'What Will They See of Me?' in association with CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow and University of East London, School of Arts and Digital Industries. Film and Video Umbrella is supported by Arts Council England.

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